Sunday Funday?


For some, it’s a day of rest. Others go to church or spend time with family and friends. Sunday Funday they call it.

Yeah, not in this house.

Sunday is my chore day. Well, everyday is my chore day but Sunday is the biggest one. I have to prepare for the week ahead. Which means laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. I don’t exactly know how my family goes through so much laundry but it’s a full time job keeping up on it.

In addition to laundry, I run errands and clean things. And then the other people in this house proceed to destroy the things I clean. It’s a vicious cycle. Let’s just say that there are enough fishy crackers in my couch to probably fill a few boxes. Thanks kids!

I also bought bunk beds for Oldest and Middle that have to be assembled. They share a room and I’m hoping this gives them some more space and makes their room more functional. Now they will have much more room to wrestle and fight over Legos! Score! I predict many curse words and a sore back from assembling these bunk beds but dammit I’m going to see it through!

So that’s how I spend my Sunday’s. Slaving away. But I do have a bottle of wine that I will open at the end of the day which is helping to keep me motivated. And that my friends, is what you call a silver lining.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Momma on the Edge

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