Fed up…

imageThis one goes out to all the women out there who are fed up.

Fed up with chores, lazy husbands and children who don’t listen. Fed up with working your ass off for your family and getting zero appreciation for it. You might ask for help, beg for it, yell for it, cry for it…and still, it never comes.

Are you one of these women? Cause I sure as hell am! And to be quite honest, I’m sick of it!

While I’m not the primary bread winner for this family, I do work part time outside of the home. And everything (and I do mean everything) else is my responsibility. And when I ask for others to pick up the slack, they say sure no problem. But do they?


These past few weeks I’ve found myself feeling incredibly overwhelmed. I’ve caught myself saying “I’m only one person” several times. And it’s true. I’m one person. Who has the responsibility of at least two people on her shoulders. The kids, the house, the bills, the dog, the groceries, the meals…I could go on, but I seriously don’t want to anymore.

I’ve entertained the idea of going on strike, but I honestly don’t think it will do any good. It’s gotten to the point that I just want to give up. But I can’t. Cause I have these three beautiful little people who depend on me. So between coffee, occasional breakdowns and I guess, insanity…I keep on truckin’.

I know I’m not the only mom/wife who experiences this shit. But something has to give right? I hear of these alleged husbands who actually do stuff. I don’t know if there is some sort of a training course I could trick him into, but if anyone knows of this existing please let me know!

So in conclusion, to those of you out there that are as fed up as I am, I salute you! Perhaps with our forces combined, we could stage a revolution and get some effing help every once in awhile!


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