Case of the Mondays

imageMonday is a day hated by most people. It’s the start of the work week and makes you realize that you have a long way to go until you get another dose of that weekend.

Let’s face it. Monday is the red headed step child of the weekdays.

But I personally love Monday. Monday is the first day of the week. Kids go to school, hubby goes to work. For eight glorious hours it’s just me and the puppy. No fights to break up. The TV is all mine. No one is loud. It’s heavenly.

Now I don’t spend the entire day for myself of course. There is laundry and cleaning and all kinds of other bullshit to deal with. But despite the domestic ball and chain attached to me, I still enjoy my solitude. I will do some chores and then take a break for awhile. Watch tv, read a book, write my blog…whatever I want because no one is here to interfere.

Being a mom means being selfless. You have to give up a lot of yourself for the job. Your kids and their needs always come first. And that’s the way it should be.

But when those little buggers are gone, all bets are off. I have been known to stay in my pajamas until the bus comes in the afternoon. I have played my kids video games while eating junk food. I have sat on the couch and watched tv all day. If they saw what I do when they aren’t here, they would probably be surprised.

Sometimes, you just need to say fuck it and have a day to yourself. Trust me when I tell you the cleaning will still be there tomorrow. So will the laundry. It’s not going ANYWHERE.

So here’s to Monday’s. Stay at home moms salute you!


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