My favorite things

imageWhile I’m not a huge Sound of Music fan, I do have a list of my few favorite things. My list doesn’t rhyme and I can’t sing like Julie Andrews BUT you can pretend I can. 😊


1. The smell of clean laundry.
2. Getting my feet rubbed.
3. My first sip of coffee in the morning.
4. Followed by the rest of the sips.
5. Coffee is my favorite.
6. Reading a book so good that I can’t put it down.
7. My whole house being cleaned.
8. That five minutes it lasts is the best.
9. A nice, hot shower.
10. Pajamas. All day.
11. Writing. It’s good for the soul.
12. Being crafty. Also good for the soul.
13. A good smelling candle.
14. Fresh flowers on my kitchen table.
15. Surprising my kids.
16. Sometimes all it takes is baking some cookies.
17. Their little faces are so cute.
18. Hugs from my kidlets.
19. An ice cold beer on a hot day.
20. Christmas. Tree, decorations, baking. It’s my favorite holiday.
21. Even though I’m part Jewish.
22. I celebrate Hanukkah too. #chrismakkuh
23. When my husband does something unexpected.
24. Like cleaning.
25. If you’re reading this husband, hint hint.
26. Clean sheets on the bed are the best.
27. Omg sleeping. Sleeping is fantastic!
28. Trips to the beach.
29. Except for the sand in all the places. That’s NOT my favorite.
30. Having a good hair day.
31. Morning stretches. Nothing feels better.
32. Puppy snuggles. They are awesome.
33. When my hubby tells me I’m beautiful.
34. Even though he’s clearly blind 😉
35. After fifteen years, it feels great!
36. Music. Another thing good for the soul.
37. Mid 70’s weather with a light breeze. My favorite weather.
38. Mexican food. It’s what dreams are made of.
39. Having a day off. It’s rare, but when it happens it’s beautiful.
40. Chocolate covered pretzels. Yum!
41. When the scissors just glide while cutting wrapping paper. 👍🏻
42. Wrapping presents is actually one of my favorite things.
43. Even though it kills my back.
44. And I’m a little ocd about the corners being perfect.
45. Oh and the ribbon.
46. But it’s still wonderful.
47. Did I mention coffee?
48. Cause it’s love.
49. And my cup is empty.
50. So this list has to end now. I need a refill.

What are some of your favorite things?


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