Jobs schmobs

imageJobs. We all have them, in one capacity or another. Some of us are lucky enough to have our dream job, while the rest of us are over here with jobs that are more like a nightmare. The one thing we have in common? We all have to eat, right?

I remember when I was growing up, there were lots of professions I considered having as an adult. Actress, teacher, comedienne, writer. But I screwed around and didn’t take anything seriously as a teenager and now, I’m a waitress.

I’m a firm believer in the philosophy that everything happens for a reason. The choices we make are deliberate, even if we don’t know why at the time. I’m meant to be where I am right now, with the life I have. But, in spite of being so wise and philosophical, I do wonder sometimes. Wonder if I had gone to college, what kind of career might I have had? #couldawouldashoulda

At the end of the day, we all have bills to pay and mouths to feed so we do what we need to do to earn money and that’s it. But I do believe you should do what you love and love what you do…if you can.

I’m working on this myself. I want to be a writer and I’m trying very hard to make that a reality. It’s difficult. There are so many things to learn, rules to follow and dues to pay. But I’m trying and that’s all I can do. This blog is the start to that and I only hope it grows from here.


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