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imageSo I was doing a mental inventory and realized that I don’t really have anything that is just mine. I mean I have clothes, make up, tampons, a toothbrush and various hair care products that are mine. But most everything else, I have to share with my kids and husband. On the contrary, they have things that are just theirs. Is this fair? Not even a little.

imageOldest and Middle share a room. But they both have their own toys, electronic devices and other assorted items. The littlest little has his own room, including a big boy bed, lots of toys and a super cool reading nook that I made for him last year. #thankspinterest

My husband has an office, although I often refer to it as his dungeon. He’s got his computer, guitars, weight bench…all kinds of crazy shit in there. He says I can use the room too, but honestly there is nothing in there for me. Plus it has dude smell.

Everyone uses the common areas in the house, such as the living room and dining room. The only space I really truly have to myself is the laundry room, which is small and depressing. I guess you could call the kitchen mine, as the other people in this house only enter it to make a mess.

I have nothing that is just mine. I wish I had an office or room of my own. I wouldn’t need anything crazy. Just my computer, a tv, maybe a comfy chair or sofa. Definitely a mini fridge and a coffee maker. Oh and it would totally have to be sound proof. With like seven deadbolts on the door. Sigh. A girl can dream. #itsminedonttouchit

imageI have kind of claimed my screened in porch as my space. Everyone still uses it of course, but I use it the most. I recently bought some comfy chairs, plants and citronella candles to class it up a bit. I even bought a fan, although once the nasty Florida ick shows up in a few weeks, that fan will not cut it. Ugh the humidity is so thick you can reach out and grab it. But it’s mostly quiet out there and it’s where I do most of my writing actually. It works out when the kids are home because I have clear view of the inside of the house so I can keep an eye on them. And even though they are sometimes instructed to only bother me if there is an emergency, they only open the door like sixty five times. Not too bad honestly. I mean, asking what’s for dinner or if they can eat some cereal IS an emergency right?

I know we emphasize the importance of sharing from a very young age. We should always be kind and share with others. Well you know what? I don’t think that applies in every situation. Sometimes I don’t want to share. That’s why I have eaten a candy bar in the bathroom. #shhdonttellonme

I think it’s ok to be selfish sometimes. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to want some space to myself. I live in a house full of boys. They are loud, hyper and smelly. And omg they need something like every five minutes. I’d love to have my own Bermuda Triangle to disappear to every now and again.

Perhaps I can commandeer a closet or something and fancy it up a bit. As long as I can get wifi in there and maybe a chair I’d be in business.

Hmmm. I think I hear Pinterest calling my name. #shescrafty


6 thoughts on “Sharing is caring

    1. Lol omg I’m so sorry! With my washer and dryer in there, it’s pretty snug. But there is still enough room to weep quietly to myself. Too bad you don’t live closer I’d totally let you borrow it.

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