Kids are weird

imageI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…kids are weird.

They treat every day like it’s going to be the most epic, amazing day that ever happened. Adventure at every turn and fun as far as the eye can see. Especially on the weekends. I wake up to “What are we doing today?!” and “Let’s go somewhere fun!” and I’m over here like “Hold on, let me crush your dreams.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love to do fun things with my boys and take them fun places. But I don’t always have time or extra money to do that. But, because they are kids, they don’t always understand that.

I have tried hard to teach them the value of a dollar. And it’s a very hard lesson to teach. For example, when we go to McDonald’s. Every kid loves going there and it’s a treat. Well with a family of five, it costs close to $30 to eat that nastiness. That’s a lot of money for fast food. I could go to the grocery store and buy a weeks worth of lunch supplies for $30. But when I tell them this, it’s met by blank stares.

I created a list of chores for them and offered to pay them an allowance if they did the chores. I did this a few months ago and they have been paid exactly once. They seem to think that they can pick and choose if and when they do the chores. Or that they can just so some of them. It’s an argument every week. They come at me with their hand out to get paid and when I tell them they didn’t earn it, they don’t understand.

So clearly, I need to rethink this whole chore system.

I’ve also tried to teach them that we have to get our responsibilities done before we do fun stuff. Again, this just doesn’t make sense to them. Sunday’s are my day off from work, but my biggest chore day at home cause I try to get things done and get ready for the week. I tell them that if they help and do their chores, I can spend less time cleaning and we can spend more time doing fun things.

Again, I’m met with blank stares. 😳

Kids today have so much at their fingertips. Toys, electronics, Internet….the world is their oyster. Yet I still find myself having to tap dance for these fools. I think my first mistake was giving them things. I don’t know why I bother, they are still “bored”.

I do believe that kids have to earn things and I try really hard to enforce that in my house. You can’t misbehave and then expect to be rewarded for it. Plus, it feels good to earn things. And I refuse to allow my kids to become adults that expect everyone to give them things. That’s not how the world works! Even if I were a wealthy person, I would still make my kids do chores and earn money. I think it’s an incredibly valuable thing for them to learn. And while cooking, cleaning and doing laundry is far from glamorous, they are skills that everyone needs to have, regardless of their gender or social status.

I’m determined to get through to them somehow. Until then, I’ll just be over here, nagging and shit. #momproblems


2 thoughts on “Kids are weird

  1. So true. This summer I vowed to make it the summer they learn to do things for themselves (make lunch, do laundry, clean bathrooms, etc). I’m thinking it will last about two weeks! LOL


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