Mornings with a side of autism

imageI’ve shared with you in the past how much I detest mornings and now, I’ve passed this on to the littlest little. #mybad

I went in his room to wake him up for school around 6:45. It went something like this:

Me: Good morning stinky face. Time to get up.
LL: No
Me: C’mon buddy we gotta get ready for school.
LL: *Grunts, pulls blanket over his head*
Me: Get up dude. Now.
LL: *Begrudgingly gets up but lifts arms to be carried*

And I of course carry him, cause I’m a sucker. He’s then presented with the worst thing on earth, in his eyes. Getting dressed. #thehorror

I can’t explain it and I don’t understand it, but this kid HATES getting dressed in the morning. I do most of the work so I don’t know what he’s complaining about. But man, he screams so loud I’m shocked my neighbors haven’t called the cops on me. As soon as we are done, he’s fine. But those five or six minutes bring out the biggest tantrum.

He then goes to the table and eats cereal and drinks his juice. At some point he grabs his tablet and watches videos on it until the bus shows up. I should point out that his tablet has this lovely little feature where you can rewind a video back by ten seconds. He loves this and will do it over and over again. #thanksamazon

If you haven’t experienced the rap version of Dora the Explorer, I highly recommend it.

When the bus arrives and I have to break up his busy “eat cereal and mix Dora beats” ritual, we have another meltdown. Sometimes big, sometimes not. No consistency here.

But once we walk out the door and get closer to the bus, the clouds part and he is once again happy. He gives me a kiss and climbs up the bus steps all by himself.

And this my friends is what I like to call…

Mornings with a side of autism.

Join me next time for afternoons with a side of autism. It’s similar to the morning episode, except it consists of goldfish crackers and the Bubble Guppies remix.


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