Let’s talk about sex

Sex is great. I don’t know many people who don’t enjoy it. But some guys don’t realize that there are other factors involved other than just the actual sex act.

But don’t worry. Momma is here to educate your ass.

imageFirst of all, not all women are in the mood as much as men are. So don’t act like an ass hat when you bring up the idea of sex and your significant other doesn’t immediately share your enthusiasm. It’s not like your voice is a lady parts activator.

Also, speaking of being an ass hat, don’t be a dick and then expect us to want to touch yours. #themoreyouknow

Spontaneity is difficult when you have kids. That doesn’t mean every sexual interaction has to be handled like a business deal. Don’t pencil each other in to your day planner. But also respect the fact that sometimes, we are exhausted from dealing with the little people we created.

imageThere’s got to be some finessing. Don’t just robotically ask for it. Do something nice. Make her happy. She will in turn, want to make you happy. If you know what I mean… #brownchickenbrowncow

And on the other side of that coin ladies, don’t always make him ask for it. Sometimes they get tired of always being the instigator. Sex should be something that is enjoyable, not feel like you’re fulfilling some sort of obligation or checking something off your to do list.

In many relationships, people stop trying. In the beginning you’re all smitten and sweet and head over heels. Having the sex all the time no doubt. But as time goes on, you stop these things. Marriage, kids, jobs, life all get in the way. You don’t make as much of an effort as you once did. You rationalize it because life is busy and life is hard so who has time for that nonsense? But honestly, you should make the time. Sex is an important part of a relationship. But it’s not the most important. That’s what needs to be remembered.


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