Random things – Birthday Edition

imageIn honor of my turning twenty one for the twelfth time, (you do the math 😉) I thought I’d share with you some random facts about me. Here goes nothing!

1. I am the youngest of five children.
2. I’ve worn glasses since I was eight.
3. I modeled as a child. Off and on from age four to fifteen.
4. I love Mexican food. I could eat it everyday.
5. My short term memory is nonexistent.
6. But my long term memory is on point.
7. I have seen Billy Madison probably a hundred times and can recite the whole movie. #lifeskills
8. I had knee surgery when I was twelve.
9. I didn’t graduate from high school. Got me a Good Enough Degree though 👍
10. I got married when I was eighteen, after knowing my husband only five months. Even though some days I want to smack him, we are still going strong fourteen years later.
11. I have a condition called thrombocytopenia, which basically means my blood doesn’t clot.
12. I don’t like ice cream.
13. I have gigantic feet, yet I’m only 5’4.
14. I have never left the United States.
15. I have two nieces and a nephew.
16. I was afraid of dogs until I was twelve.
17. When I was five I tripped, fell and cut my gums open resulting in surgery and a liquid diet. I was running in the house when I was told not to. #oops
18. My parents are divorced.
19. I can’t drive a stick shift.
20. I totaled my first car exactly one month after I got my license.
21. My first job was at McDonald’s when I was fifteen. I lasted exactly two weeks.
22. I’m a Tupac fan. #westside
23. I went to a residential treatment center in Utah when I was fifteen. I was kind of an asshole. Changed my life for the better though. 👍
24. I don’t like football.
25. I rarely eat breakfast.
26. I lived in Southern California for twenty eight years.
27. I still talk to my first grade teacher.
28. I have an obsession with my handwriting being neat.
29. I have a butterfly tattoo. #yawn
30. I had braces from age eleven to thirteen.
31. When I was little my mom gave me a perm. #eightiesproblems
32. My first concert was Blink 182 when I was sixteen.
33. I took French in high school. Hardly remember anything…#mondieu

Well there you have it. Thirty three random facts about yours truly. I’m sure you can now rest easy that you’ve been informed of this nonsense!


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