Road trip

imageRoad trips with kids are stressful.

Who am I kidding? Trips to the grocery store with kids are stressful.

This past weekend we went on a short road trip to attend a celebration of life for a recently departed loved one. Not a trip under the best of circumstances, but it was nice to be with our family.

According to my maps app, the drive was three hours and thirty eight minutes from our house to the hotel. But it actually took us five hours, due to two stops and some hellacious traffic.

I packed up tons of shit. Clothes, pillows, toys, books, tablets, phones, snacks, drinks…you name it, I packed it. The kids had many comforts at their fingertips yet they were still giant pains in the ass.

I get it. Being cooped up in the car is not fun. But you know what? Life isn’t always fun. I’ve tried to stress this to my kids. That sometimes we have to do things that aren’t fun, but such is life. They clearly didn’t get the message. The music was too loud. Oldest’s arm was touching Middle’s arm. Littlest spilled his fishies. It’s hot. We’ve been in the car for hours. I have to pee. I’m bored. I’m hungry. I’m thirsty. My tablet won’t work. Just a few of the complaints we had en route.

After driving five hours with a killer sinus migraine and visiting with family, we settled into the hotel to get some sleep. Littlest doesn’t do too well when we sleep away from home, but we felt optimistic because he fell asleep pretty quickly. But the rest of us didn’t. And then he decided to wake up at 4:30am. He was happy, but no amount of coaxing could get him back to sleep. The worst part? I had to wait TWO hours to get coffee! #thestruggle

Sometimes these bumps in the road make me want to never take him anywhere. He has a hard time sleeping and in turn so does everyone else. This takes a toll after a day or two. But I know I wouldn’t be doing him any favors by doing that. My only hope is that some day he gets that it’s ok to sleep in places other than his bed. The flip side of this, is that he loves it. He loves going places and visiting family. As long as he’s not inconvenienced in any way! 😉


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