Momma’s of the world revolt!

img_3136I want to start a revolution.

There are many things in this world that get Momma all fired up. That’s one of the reasons I love writing because it’s an outlet to vent and bitch about the unfairness and crazy shenanigans that plague us.

Or perhaps something less dramatic.

If you’ve been an avid reader of my blog, then you have probably figured out that my kids have autism. Oldest and Middle have high functioning autism, while my littlest little has severe autism.

Due to relocation, change in jobs and stupid technicalities, Littlest has been unable to receive ABA therapy for treatment of his autism. ABA, or Applied Behavioral Analysis, is the most common treatment for autism spectrum disorder. And I have seen, with my very own eyeballs, the power of this therapy. I have seen it break down the walls that autism builds up and provide amazing, life changing results.

Severe autism is a whole new ball game for me. At this point, there is a possibility that Littlest will be the way he is for the rest of his life. Having the proper therapy available to him is the only way we are going to know if he will be able to progress or not.

ABA therapy is expensive without insurance. And my insurance chooses not to cover this service. My husband works for the federal government and we have a federal health insurance plan. And because there isn’t a federal autism mandate, we are just shit out of luck.

My child is five. Developmentally he’s about eighteen months old. He is beautiful and amazing. And he deserves the chance to experience a life that he may not get to have without this therapy.

It is amazing to me that despite the fact that I pay for otherwise pretty phenomenal insurance, that they can just refuse this. The cost of this therapy without insurance is far too great for us to afford. And that is heartbreaking. As a parent, I hate the feeling that I cannot provide something so necessary to my child’s welfare.

In my opinion, this is unacceptable. There need to be more options for children with special needs. The schools are so wrapped up in bullshit cookie dough fundraisers and state mandated testing that they aren’t focusing on what’s most important.

The kids.

ABA therapy needs to be offered to all children. Regardless of social or financial status. Regardless of age or zip code. No child left behind needs to protect all children, including their social and cognitive development.

The truth is that if I was a single mom on welfare and Medicaid, my child would receive this therapy at no cost, no questions asked. And while I think it’s wonderful that these families are given these opportunities, what about the rest of us?

My wish for this country is that there is a system put into place for special needs children. Whether it’s within the public school system or another avenue is taken, all children with special needs deserve to be given the tools to succeed.

If ABA therapy were integrated into special education, it could be life changing to so many littles in need. If low cost therapy were available to those that need it, imagine the possibilities.

I don’t know how to stage a revolution. I’m a mom and a waitress. This is a whole new arena for me. What I do know is that something needs to change. Today’s children are our countries future. What’s going to happen twenty years from now, when these children are adults and selling cookie dough to fund a nation?

Between research, general anger and frustration and being the edgy Momma that I am, I am going to do something about this. My first step is this petition. Please click below to sign and support the ABA for ALL movement!

Stay tuned, lovelies. Shit just got real. 👍

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