I’m not 21 anymore

imageTo celebrate my birthday this week, I went to trivia night with a group of friends. We lost unfortunately, but still had fun. Our group ranged from twenties to forties so it was a good mix. But I made a terrible decision that I paid for the next day.

I drank alcohol.

I didn’t get sloppy, stumbling drunk. But I had a few shots and beers and was feeling a little buzzed. I’ve always been a lightweight and honestly, I don’t drink very much. A glass of wine here and there, maybe a beer or a mimosa on occasion.

Once I got home, I was already getting a headache. I took some Advil, drank some water and went to sleep. But woke up the next morning with a jackhammer going off in my head.

Nothing tells you you’re getting older like this experience.

As much as I may entertain the masses with my quirky stories and quick wit, I’m actually a pretty boring person. At least as far as my “partying” skills are concerned. With three kids, a husband and a never ending to do list, my version of partying usually consists of drinking coffee and scanning Pinterest on my porch.

imageIt’s so rare that I go anywhere but work or the grocery store that I think I just got carried away. So next time I will ease up on the fireball shots for sure.

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