An open letter to restaurant goers

imageHey guys!

So glad you decided to dine in a restaurant. It’s super fun, you don’t have to cook…it’s really a win/win.

So it’s come to my attention recently that there are actually many people that don’t know how to conduct themselves when visiting a restaurant. I’m not sure why, but it’s ok cause Momma is here to help.

I shared in a previous post some things that I’ve learned working in the service industry. Personally, I think everyone should work in the service industry at least once in their life. It’s a learning experience you can’t get anywhere else. And maybe, just maybe, it will stop those of you that come into a restaurant acting like a complete asshat.

Ok…on with the lesson!

1. Situational Awareness
So you’re at a restaurant, sitting at your table and you’re waiting for your server to come by. Generally they are supposed to greet you within a few seconds of sitting down, however sometimes that’s difficult. If the server is not busy and takes forever to come to you, that is unacceptable and it’s ok to be a little miffed. But, if you can see that they are busy and running around, maybe cut them some slack. It’s my usual practice when I’m in that situation to at least tell a table “I’ll be right with you” or if I’m super slammed, ask someone to greet them for me. But you know, shit happens. So maybe take these things into account before you take it out on your server and act like a douche. #justsaying

2. Sports teams
Ok so the restaurant I work in is next to a hotel. We often get youth sports teams that travel to our city for various competitions. They typically come into our restaurant at the end of the day cause there literally are no other choices. But…they come in and take up tables. There are sometimes more than twenty of them. And they are young, loud and demanding. And they don’t leave tips. They have sometimes little to no adult supervision, even though they are technically minors. So I ask of you, if you’re family is one of these, please share with your child the importance of tipping. Teach them to budget for it. It doesn’t have to be a 40% tip, even a couple of dollars is better than nothing. But these kids don’t know if they aren’t taught.

3. Liquored up
Drinking alcohol in public is expensive. More expensive than at your house. So if you decide you want to have a couple of cocktails at dinner, don’t throw a hissy when you get your bill. Yeah, you paid $16 for two glasses of wine that you could have paid around $9 for a bottle of at the store. Don’t like it, don’t do it. Additionally, if you order a drink with no ice, it’s going to appear that there is less in the glass. I promise there isn’t. But it looks that way. Alcohol is measured out for each specific drink and without the ice, it looks a little low. No need to start a federal investigation…just know that is what happens when ice is left out of the party.

4. Coupons
A lot of chain restaurants offer coupons and deals to their customers. Some of them are super smoking deals and trust me, Momma is a lover of coupons and saving money so no judgement here.

There is just a teensy weensy little issue. When you go to a restaurant and you use a coupon or you’re getting something for free, you should still compensate your server on the original amount. A lot of people don’t do this and I don’t know if they aren’t sure of the protocol or just cheap, but it’s customary to tip on the original amount.

5. Tipping
So I’ve stressed the importance of tipping before but I’m going to do it again. So brace yourselves.

Most servers make very little hourly wages. So tipping is how they make their money. They have mouths to feed and bills to pay just like everyone else. You need to factor in the cost of the tip with the cost of your meal. If you can’t afford to tip, you shouldn’t go out to eat. It’s customary to tip at least 15%. Now this should be gauged by your service. If you have shitty service, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t leave a great tip. But if you have good service you should compensate your server accordingly. You should base your experience on three things. Customer service, speed of service, quality of food and drinks.

Ok lovelies I think you’re ready now! Go on out a restaurant and have a ball! Remember to bookmark this post if you need a little cliffs note to check every now and again. And if you live in my neck of the woods, come see me at my restaurant. It’s been a little slow lately I could use the money 😉


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