The five senses of parenthood

There are five senses that if we are lucky, we all possess. Below I will break down each sense with a parenthood twist.

Brace yourselves.

1. Smell
imagePerhaps one of the worst senses when it comes to parenting. It starts from birth when our little bundles of joy emit the grossest smells from their little diapers. We are talking eye watering, vomit inducing smells. It doesn’t stop there, unfortunately. As your child gets older and becomes more disgusting, the smells continue. If you have boys, the older they get the more proud of their stench producing capabilities they become. You will find yourself wondering what that smell is more than you think! 😵

2. Sight
imageWe are proud of our kids and love them unconditionally. There are times when they do things that make us angry or frustrated and we have to remind ourselves of that love. But creating a tiny human and marveling in their growth and development is probably one of the coolest things on earth. From the first time they roll over to their first steps and even their first tantrum, it’s awesome to see. Sometimes I may be having a bad day, but just seeing my babies makes me feel better. Don’t get it twisted…you’ll see things that don’t give you the warm and fuzzies too. Like the time Oldest decorated our house in sharpie drawings. Everything from the walls to his little brother. I could’ve done without seeing that. However on that day, I learned that hand sanitizer gets sharpie off of skin. That my friends, is what we call “silver lining.”

3. Touch
imageKids touch quite literally everything. Their tiny handprints will be all over everything you own and there isn’t much you can do about it. But you know what’s amazing? Snuggling with your tiny human. Or when they hold your hand. It’s just the sweetest. Earlier today my littlest little came up to me and climbed in my lap and gave me a hug. I didn’t even have to ask! That is the best!

4. Taste
imageYou will never meet stronger food critics than kids. It’s funny because they are brand new people who haven’t had time to learn that they don’t like things, yet they seem to think they know everything. They will go through phases where they only want to eat grilled cheese, cut into triangles with no crust because apparently, crust is the devil if you’re under ten. They will throw tantrums when presented with food that isn’t preferred. They will sit at the dinner table for hours in protest because they have stamina that adults dream about. These cooking shows on tv should consider using toddlers as judges. It would be a more interesting competition for sure!

5. Hear
imageYou will never meet a person louder than a child. They are like little baby godzilla’s. Trashing your house and doing it loudly. It’s like they don’t have a sound level below foghorn level. And if you have kids and they are being quiet…unless it’s bed time you should be very afraid. They are most likely hatching a plot to drive you to drink or they are getting into something that they shouldn’t be. On the flip side of that though, hearing your littles talk and laugh is actually one of the best experiences of your life. There is nothing more awesome that a baby belly laugh. It’s a beautiful sound.


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