The Brat Diaries

imageSo lately Oldest and Middle have been straight up pissing me off. I really can’t think of another way to describe it. Their behavior towards each other and their sense of entitlement has just been out of control. I hate to say this but I have to call a spade a spade.

My kids are brats.

Ok so not like full fledged brats. Like I’ve met kids way worse than them. But seriously they are behaving in a way that can only be described as bratty.

They whine and bitch and complain about literally everything. Nothing you do for these kids is enough, they just want more. They argue with me like it’s perfectly acceptable. And I don’t stand for that shit. I punish them, believe me. But for whatever reason, it’s not getting through their big heads to mend their bratty ways. It’s a daily problem and I’ll tell ya, I’m pretty damn sick of it.

I’ve tried a variety of consequences. Taking things away, sending them to their room, grounded for a day, weekend, entire week. No electronics. Missing out on fun activities. They seem to focus on the “woe is me factor” that they are to be pitied because they have lost privileges, not WHY they have lost them. They don’t seem to learn. I’ve explained to them why I punish them when they misbehave. It’s not because I like to punish them, it because I want them to understand that those behaviors aren’t acceptable and hopefully deter them from doing it again.

A lot of people tell me that it’s normal. Boys will be boys. Brothers fight. My husband and his brother are close in age like Oldest and Middle are. Apparently they had a tendency to be assholes too. But guess what? All of these excuses do not make it ok. I refuse to accept the fact that because my sons are close in age and boys, that it’s ok for them to be assholes and not follow the rules.

I’ve gotten a lot of flack over the years for calling my sons assholes. First of all, I don’t call them that to their face. And sometimes, people are assholes. We all have those moments. And my kids seem to have that annoying personality trait. I call it like I see it. What can I say? Maybe I’m an asshole too.

I’m on a mission. A mission to get these kids to wake up and see the error of their ways. I don’t expect them to be perfect. But I expect them to learn from their mistakes and to be respectful. And I refuse to allow them to use their gender as an excuse for shitty behavior. Or their disability for that matter. They may have autism, but that isn’t a free pass to act however you like.

We are a week out from summer break, the time of year that strikes fear in all stay at home parents. A week from today my kids will be out of school and it will be two months of fights, whining and bitching and eating me out of house and home. I’ve set a goal for myself to try to keep these things from happening so I don’t have to up my dosage of anxiety medication. Time will tell if this works. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve also planned some volunteer projects to do with them over the summer. Like most kids these days, my kids take everything for granted. We aren’t wealthy people, but they don’t want for anything. They have everything they need and tons of stuff they don’t. And they don’t appreciate it. They expect it. And that’s not okay by me. So I’m hoping by volunteering they will learn to appreciate what they have and also have empathy for others. I think this is an important lesson that everyone needs to learn.

In the meantime, Oldest and Middle are grounded this weekend. Fingers crossed I can keep my eye from twitching and I don’t have to drink too much wine to get through it. #momproblems

2 thoughts on “The Brat Diaries

  1. Best of luck to you…and the boys. I think volunteering is a great idea. I signed my daughter up for volunteering at the library. Sometimes I think they just need to get out of themselves. Have a good/tolerable weekend!

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