PMS can suck it

PMS is a bitch.

And in turn, it makes us bitches.

imageSee, men don’t understand the burden of being women. Having to deal with pms, periods, childbirth, breast feeding, ovarian cysts, menopause…omg our cup runneth over with bullshit to deal with. It starts at a young age and lasts roughly forty years.

What do men deal with that even slightly compares to this?

imageI’ve been pm-essy today. You know it’s bad when even you realize that you’re a mess. Mood swings are in full effect and by looking at me you wouldn’t know if I wanted to cry or punch you in the face. Trouble is, I don’t know either. #ladyproblems

There is no way for men to know what PMS feels like, although some men do have a version of it themselves. But men do need to realize that it’s awful, so this is one of those times where being supportive of your woman is very necessary. Remember that we aren’t always crazy. And honestly, we can’t help it.

imageAnd ladies, know that I stand with you. Whether you want to laugh, cry, drink a bottle of wine, eat some chocolate, laugh and then cry some more, understand that you are not alone. Some woman somewhere is feeling the same way.


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