School’s out for summer…almost

Today is June 5th.

How the hell did it become June already?!

I feel like Christmas happened just last week. But no, that was six months ago. SIX. Man time flies when you’re having absolutely no fun at all.

This week will be one for the record books. It’s the last week of school and the last week of elementary school for Oldest. As of Friday, I will have a kindergartner, fourth grader and a middle schooler. Yikes! There will be many tears shed this week. All by me.

I cry over everything my kids do. I’m proud of every achievement they make, no matter how big or small. Oldest graduating elementary school is very emotional for me. It means he’s growing up and that is scary. He’s becoming a young man before my very eyes and it makes me long for the days that he used to figure out blues clues in his diaper from his very own inflatable thinking chair.

The littlest little is also graduating from preK. He has been in preK for three years, mainly because of where his birthday falls. But he is graduating and will attend a private school for autistic kids in August and I’m so excited for him. This move will be life changing!

Middle isn’t “graduating” per se, but I’m proud of him too. Third grade is where things get turned up a notch and he really has done very well. He’s so incredibly smart and I’m proud of him.

These accomplishments remind me of the doctors who told me that Oldest and Middle wouldn’t. Wouldn’t talk, go to school, read, say I love you or have friends. That they wouldn’t have normal lives. My boys proved those doctors wrong and for that I am most proud.

Littlest still has a lot of hurdles to overcome. But this year he has grown leaps and bounds. He has started talking a little, can identify some letters, shapes and numbers and these are things that I was afraid he wouldn’t do. I’m confident that with his new school assignment, he is going to knock it out of the park!

imageAlright enough of the warm and fuzzies. This week is also my last week of pseudo sanity. As of Friday, summer break starts. That means all three kids will be home for two months. All the time. I’m going to do my best to make it a good summer. And hopefully I don’t lose my marbles in the process.


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