imageWe are in the midst of a tropical storm. Our first of the season. Yeah that’s right…Florida has a season for this shit. June 1 – November 1. #whydoilivehere

Last night I received a notification that we were on a Tropical Storm Watch. Early this morning I received another one that it was upgraded to a warning. First we watch, then we are warned and then it arrives. The one benefit to all of this is that we know when it’s coming. We didn’t have that luxury with earthquakes back in California.

imageMiddle is absolutely terrified of rain, wind and storms. The storm really started to hit right as the bus was coming to take them to school. Hyperventilating and panic attacks ensued, so long story short, he’s staying home with me today. He’s got his stuffed minion to keep him safe at the moment, so all is well. #thunderbuddiesforlife

Even though I’ve been in Florida five years now, these storms are not my favorite. I’ve never been in a hurricane (knock wood) or a tornado (knock wood again) but the threat has been there and it’s scary. I’ve never encountered weather like this in my life before moving here and it’s really intense. Seasoned Floridians roll their eyes at me, like it’s no big deal. But for someone who has never really dealt with weather, it is a big deal. Southern California doesn’t get rain like this. Rarely a storm. No hurricanes or tornados. Aside from an occasional earthquake or wildfire, it’s pretty chill out there.

I’m currently sitting on my screened in porch, aka my home office, watching it all unfold. It’s raining pretty hard and we get an occasional roll of thunder. The actual storm hasn’t hit yet. It’s just nearing us. As it gets closer I will definitely get my ass indoors.

Those of you in the path of this stupid thing, please be safe and make sure your pets are indoors.

And as for you, Tropical Storm Colin…

You can suck it.


4 thoughts on “#floridaproblems

  1. Stay safe. I completely understand. I sort of liked not having any warning for earthquakes – it was better for my blood pressure. But this watching and waiting things really sucks! Hang in there 🙂

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      1. Lol heard that my whole childhood. Then they came out with that San Andreas movie and I was like um, yeah I’ll pass. All my childhood fears wrapped into a film with The Rock. That’s a big fat nope! Lol

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