Excuse me while I grab my soapbox – Housewife edition

imageMomma is dusting off her soapbox again. Grab some coffee and hang on!

The year is 2016. I thought for sure we’d be living like the Jetsons by now. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a flying car or a robot maid. Yet.

I am a housewife. Not a houseslave. There seems to be some confusion between the two but don’t fear lovelies, I’m here to set the record straight.

imageSee, I pointed out that it’s 2016 because it’s not the 50’s anymore. Back in those days women were housewives and nothing more. They cooked and cleaned and did the laundry and tended to the children and their husband’s every need. Having selfish things like jobs, opinions or feelings were not the norm.

And they wonder why we eventually went crazy and burned our bras!

imageAs time has passed, women have become more than just housewives. They have become leaders, entrepreneurs and inventors. They have become the sole earners for their family. Some women don’t have children, and GASP! that’s ok. Being married and having a family is great, but it’s not a “requirement” anymore. Even though you have a uterus, you can still be your own person. #shenanigans

I work part time and I’m a housewife. So between the two, I pretty much work all the time. I do get six to seven hours off for sleeping, but that’s pretty much it. If I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done. I’m the sole female in a house full of males and they are pretty disgusting creatures. And omg so messy!

imageThe part that bothers me the most, aside from the part where I get no help, is that it’s expected. No effort is put forth because it’s just expected that I’ll take care of it. And I suppose that’s my own fault because I do take care of it. But if I don’t, then no one else does. And then I have even more to handle. So I just do it. It’s a vicious, nauseating cycle.

For example, the husband may complain that he’s low on underwear. He could, after realizing this, do the unthinkable and do some laundry. I don’t know if men know this, but you don’t have to have boobs in order to operate the washer and dryer. But no, he will just tell me. And I’m an asshole because I do it.

imageThere is nothing wrong with taking care of your family. There is something wrong with assuming your wife will just wait on you hand and foot. That’s not the way of the world anymore. Marriage is supposed to be a team effort, even more so when you have children. Remember that phrase “it takes a village”? Well the village, starts at home.

There are some women out there who prefer to be a vintage housewife and that’s their choice. And if that’s what you want in life and it makes you happy, then rock on.

imageI’m trying to get my sons more involved in housekeeping. It’s been an uphill battle, but I refuse to give up. I want them to learn to appreciate what goes into taking care of them. The cooking, cleaning and laundry. Yesterday I did the laundry and got eye rolls and hissy fits when I asked them to put it in their drawers. I know, I’m a slave driver.

So in conclusion, it’s 2016. Everyone needs to get off their ass and participate in keeping house, regardless of their gender or income capacity. Even small gestures like taking out the trash or putting your clothes IN the laundry hamper instead of NEXT to it, are appreciated. Surprise your wife by emptying the dishwasher or making the bed. But don’t over do it, she may die from shock. #safetyfirst


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