Down with the sickness

imageWhen you have school age children they have a tendency to bring things home with them from school. Books, papers and…germs.

Omg germs. I swear when Oldest started school for the first time we were all sick within his first week. Kids are disgusting and are always touching everything. They don’t wash their hands and they cough, sneeze, wipe their nose on anything. Sigh.

We had a little bout if this at my house this week. It started with the littlest little, then on to middle, then me, then oldest. My husband has remained unscathed as of now (knock wood) but I don’t know if he’s out of the woods yet.

This wasn’t a cold. This was a stomach bug. That involved puking. Lots of puking. Littlest has only thrown up maybe twice in his life so he didn’t really know what to do or where to do it. So naturally he threw up on my couch and on his bed. Middle never seems to make it to the toilet. He’s usually toilet adjacent, but still makes a giant, disgusting mess. Oldest always makes it to the toilet, he’s the real MVP.

No other symptoms, just a tummy ache followed by vomiting. We are all better now, so thankfully it was quick. But this wasn’t the first time the kids brought home some awful illness and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Things like this are quick and sometimes you don’t realize that your sick until it happens. But other times your child might have a fever, runny nose, cough…which clearly is a sign that they are sick. Some people decide to send their kids to school anyway.

This is not ok.

When you send your child to school sick, you’re putting all of the other children, plus their families, in jeopardy. Not to mention the teachers, school staff etc. It’s not cool and you shouldn’t do it. Especially if there is a fever involved.

That’s not to say that every time your kid has the sniffles that they should be quarantined. But as parents we have to pay attention to what’s happening and act accordingly. Also stress to the kids not to touch things, to wash their hands and to cough into their elbow. I know, easier said than done.

But if the parent who’s kid was puking hadn’t sent their kid to school, my kids wouldn’t have contracted whatever germ situation their kid had, and then brought it home to me. Your kids getting you sick is an occupational hazard, and not one that can always be avoided. But if parents were more vigilant, it would certainly help.


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