imageGuns freak me out.

They always have. As far as weaponry goes, it’s definitely one of the scariest. We, as Americans, have the right to bear arms as per the second amendment of the constitution. And those that are pro gun like to remind those that are anti gun of this at every possible moment.

But I think it should be pointed out that this amendment was written in 1789. That was 226 years ago. A lot of things have changed in 226 years. And I feel like people have lost sight over that.

It is my opinion, that we need stricter gun laws. I’m not saying they should be outlawed, but there needs to be more thorough screenings. Mental health screenings to be precise. A majority of the mass attacks committed on American soil in the past ten years have been committed by mentally ill people. Additionally, I think potential gun owners should have to undergo a training course before purchasing a gun, detailing gun safety and use of the gun.

Whether guns are legal or not, people will find a way to get them. I don’t know how to rectify that situation. And just because a gun is obtained legally, doesn’t mean it won’t be used to commit a crime. The guns used by Omar Mateen in the mass shooting in Orlando this past weekend, were obtained legally. If someone wants to commit a crime, they are going to do it, regardless of what laws are in place or not. Criminals aren’t exactly known for law abiding.

Where I grew up, guns weren’t common. Only gangs and criminals had guns. It wasn’t common for any Joe Schmoe to be packing. But now I live in the south, where guns are much more prominent. A few of my friends have them. I’ve met people who are amazed that I’ve never held or shot a gun. But as I mentioned before, they freak me out. I have no desire to hold or shoot a gun. Like ever.

My husband was chosen to be on the jury for a man named Michael Dunn, who shot and killed a teenage boy named Jordan Davis. This boy was out with his friends and had stopped at a gas station, where Michael Dunn had also stopped. Jordan and his friends were listening to their music loudly in their car, when Dunn asked them to turn it down. The driver complied, but being a typical teenager Jordan turned it back up. Moments later, as the teens drove away, Michael Dunn shot at their vehicle and killed Jordan Davis. Shot him. Dead. Over rap music.

There are many stories of senseless violence like this that are enough to make you cry and shake your head in disbelief. And you know, there are stories where guns actually saved lives and that weren’t used in an act of hate, senseless violence or terror. But those stories aren’t as common as the bad stories.

I don’t know how you fix this problem. If you needed to know how to break up a fight between a nine and ten year old, I’d be your girl. But this is out of my wheelhouse.

I think it’s important to remember though that guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people. And that’s what needs to be controlled. That’s what needs to be fixed.

America is a scary place right now. And people are focusing on the wrong issues. Transgendered people using the bathroom is the least of our worries. An armed man walking into a night club and murdering innocent people, that’s an issue worth worrying about.


2 thoughts on “Guns

  1. Assault weapons are the guns that should be banned. They are made for military use and there is no good reason for anyone but military to possess them.


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