Random things I’ve learned – Volume 4

imageBeing on this earth for 33 years hasn’t left me with nothing. I’ve learned some shit! And I thought, being the caring individual that I am, that I’d share some of that shit with you! You’re welcome! So without further ado, here is volume four:

* Summer break is not for the weak.
* My kids are champion button pushers.
* And also champion complainers.
* Between the heat and the humidity, makeup is just a bad choice.
* It takes forever to fill water balloons, but only takes a few minutes to use them all.
* I have more than ninety nine problems and a bitch is several of them.
* They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but I’d like the opportunity to disprove that theory.
* Pajamas are the best.
* Air conditioning is the best thing ever.
* Love > hate.
* Mosquitos think I’m delicious.
* Giving up soda is easier than I thought.
* But it’s still delicious and I miss it.
* A cesarean scar is a friendly reminder that your stomach will never be flat again.
* Kids like to throw up on things that are hard to wash. #jerks
* When I take the time to write a grocery list, I almost always leave it at home.
* Netflix is awesome. You can watch several seasons of a show in one sitting without commercials. What’s not to like?
* Chris Cornell has one of the sexiest voices of all time.
* My dog may have a ton of bones, but she chooses to chew on leaves and sticks for reasons I’m unaware of.
* Lego’s will always find a way into the laundry hamper.
* Cicadas are fucking loud.
* It never fails that when I put gas in my car, it’s always cheaper the next day.
* I can walk into a room and forget why I’m there, but play a random song from 1986 and I’ll remember every word. #wtf


4 thoughts on “Random things I’ve learned – Volume 4

  1. Yes – Chris Cornell! Also, I saw a tip on pinterest the other day that putting coffee grinds on throw up will make it easier to clean up – never tried it. Just throwing it out there. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Man gotta love Pinterest! Lol littlest threw up last week on my couch, his bed and a bunch of stuffed animals. Some where able to be washed, some weren’t. I’ll have to try that coffee grounds thing next time 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you and yes, he is better. He passed the puke bug on to all of us, which was a great way to kick off summer break. But it has passed now, thankfully!

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