Father’s Day

Since today is Father’s Day I thought I’d take this opportunity to write a little shout out to my dad 😊

imageMy dad is pretty cool, I must say. He’s laid back, artistic and has an awesome sense of humor.

I have a lot of fond memories of my dad from my childhood. I remember helping him do yard work and getting to do my favorite thing, stomping on leaves. My dad never missed a dance recital, school awards ceremony or back to school night. He helped me with my homework, chaperoned field trips and was always down for silliness. I remember swimming with him, going on vacations and listening to music together.

I remember all of the corny hallmark things he said to me growing up. Such gems like “You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friends nose” and “I made you, I’ll take you out and make another one that looks just like you” and a personal favorite, whenever I told him I was thirsty, he’d say “hi thirsty, I’m Friday, come over Saturday and we’ll have Sunday.” #dadisms

Even when I became an asshole teenager and put him and my mother through hell, he was there for me.

imageWe may not have always seen eye to eye. We may have had arguments and gone years without speaking in the past. But what matters to me now is that he’s my dad. He’s awesome, loving and supportive. And I love and appreciate him so much.

Happy Father’s Day dad! Thank you for being you and for being a wonderful grandpa to my boys. I love you and I hope you have a special day.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, including my husband, who is a wonderful dad to our three knuckleheads. I love you and appreciate you so much ❀️



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