Hopes and dreams

imageHopes and dreams are something that we all have, or have had, at one point. When we are children, our hopes and dreams are much more exciting. Like dreaming of being an astronaut or a princess or hoping to one day change the world. Adults hopes and dreams are much different. We may dream of finally getting a good nights sleep, paying off our debt or one day being able to retire.

Kind of boring, eh?

It’s funny how our hopes, dreams and priorities change as we get older. When we are young we so optimistic and full of imagination when it comes to our future selves. But as we get older and reality sets in, we become more cynical and I suppose realistic in what our future holds. As a child, I dreamed of being a teacher. I also dreamed of being a comedienne, and being married to Johnny Depp. But now as an adult, I dream of being able to get a good nights sleep and more financial stability. While I’m wishing upon a star here, I’d also love to win the lottery and have occasional time to myself. Oh and a maid wouldn’t hurt either.

I think adults need to take a cue from children and never stop hoping and dreaming. We are all so busy with the rat race of life that we forget about doing things that matter to us. I know for me personally, my focus is pretty much always on my family. Making sure there is food in the house, laundry is clean and that they are all happy and taken care of. I go to work, I take care of them and I squeeze in some sleep. That’s pretty much my daily grind. But I do hope and dream for more.

That’s why I write. I love writing, it’s an excellent creative outlet for me. It’s something that I hope and dream to do as a career someday. And as I learn to navigate this uncharted territory, it’s scary and uncertain at times. But it’s made me hope and dream again, which is something that really excites me.

Just because we are adults with a cavalcade of responsibility, doesn’t mean we can’t hope and dream. I think it keeps us real and grounded. And if you’re a multi tasker, you can be hoping and dreaming all over the place. Just think of how much more fun laundry and cleaning will be if you’re not actually thinking about it!

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