imageBalancing a job and my family is always a struggle. I work evenings, so I’m not always home for dinner, homework and bath time. Littlest actually prefers daddy to put him to bed because he’s used to me not being here. Guess how great that feels?

I work anywhere from three to five days a week, depending on the week. Roughly 15-20 hours. Many of my coworkers are childless and much younger than me, and often give me shit for being tired all the time. “you hardly even work” they say.

Bitch, please.

If all I had to do was go to work, it would be a much different story. But that’s not the case. Here is a rundown of an average day for Momma:

– I wake up in the morning usually to my husband’s alarm at 5:30. Which is funny, cause it doesn’t wake him up. If I don’t hear the alarm, I usually wake up to what sounds like someone building a house. It’s actually my husband getting ready for work though. Who knew ironing clothes could be so damn loud?
– I throw some clothes on and head downstairs. The puppy has to be taken out and fed. So I do that, which is always annoying. She loves to hunt for the perfect potty spot and it feels like it takes eons. This entire process usually takes up to twenty minutes.
– Then it’s coffee time. Usually at this point, at least one child is awake. And demanding things from me that I’m not yet prepared to give. Coffee hasn’t yet touched my lips, I’m still in a fog.
– Since its summer time, there isn’t the usual bustle of getting everyone ready for school, so that’s a major plus. Except my kids wake up with the expectation of an epic day and would like to know my plan for the day. At this point I’m typically just trying to wake up. I get everyone juice, cereal etc and then head to my office aka my porch, where I drink my coffee and usually work on this blog. It’s meant to be a peaceful time, but is often interrupted by the littles having a fight or asking me yet another question.
– The rest of the day kind of goes the same way. I try to get my domestic responsibilities done, while tending to the kids and keeping them entertained. I usually clean the kitchen from the night before because if I was at work, the kitchen definitely didn’t get cleaned. Then I make lunch and clean the kitchen again. Cause I’m that lucky.
– In the late afternoon I’ll shower and get ready for work. If I’m lucky, my shower is uninterrupted. It’s really a 50/50 situation.
– I then kiss everyone goodbye and go to work. Usually with an attitude from my family. Kids are like “aww man you have to go to work?” And I’m like “good lord I’ve been with you all day!” And then my husband is like “aww man you have to work? What do I feed everybody? You’re not closing are you?” Because it’s like going to work is a party. Sorry guys, I’m not going out for fun. I’m going to work. And while I do enjoy my job, it is a job.
– So then I get to work and do my thing. Sometimes I close, sometimes I don’t. By this point, I’ve been awake a good twelve hours and been on the go pretty much the whole time. I’m exhausted, but hey that’s what coffee is for. I work anywhere between three and five hours and then I come home.
– When I get home, the kids are sometimes still awake. Since its summer we aren’t really strict with bedtimes. Usually as soon as I walk in the door, I’m asked for food or drink. Because apparently seeing your mom for the first time in several hours instantly makes you hungry and thirsty. I’ll head into the kitchen to see the mess that was left for me and I just sigh. Sometimes I don’t have a chance to eat dinner until I get home from work, so I’ll make myself something to eat. I very much want to sit down, watch tv and relax. Sometimes I get to. But more often than not, someone is on the PlayStation or someone is watching some bullshit sporting event.
– Then it’s time for bed. Even though I’m exhausted, I’m kind of wired from working. So I usually watch Netflix on my tablet until I fall asleep. Sometimes I fall asleep pretty quickly, other times in takes me over an hour. Usually by this time it’s close to midnight.
– Then 5:30 in the morning arrives and I do it all over again.

So after doing this several days a week, I’m tired. I’m beyond tired. But it’s my life, so I deal with it. Hopefully at some point, it will get easier. But until then, I just have to keep on keepin’ on and make sure I’m always fully stocked on coffee 👍


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