Momma’s Top Ten – Comedy Edition

imageIn the spirit of mixing things up, I’m going to start a Top Ten blog theme, where I’ll share ten of my favorite things with you. I figure if David Letterman can do it, why can’t I?

This edition of Top Ten, I’ll feature ten of my all time favorite comedians #braceyourself

1. Anjelah Johnson
This chick is hilarious and adorable. Her bit on visiting a nail salon is also scarily on point.

2. Chris D’elia
Love this dude. One of the funniest things about him is the fact that he laughs at himself. This strange, stoneresque laugh.

3. Dane Cook
I first saw Dane Cook about twelve years ago on a particularly sleepless night. I was channel surfing and came across a special he did on Comedy Central. It was hilarious and remains my one of my favorites to this day.

4. Louis CK
I love Louis, partially because of his attitude towards parenting. It’s eerily similar to mine. Perhaps some day the two of us can team up and write a parenting book? #ballsinyourcourtlouis

5. Lewis Black
He yells. He’s neurotic. He’s Jewish. Really can’t get much better than that.

6. Chris Rock
He’s got an annoying voice, but this clip alone earned his spot in my top ten šŸ˜Š

7. Aziz Ansari
He’s so cute and his delivery is on point.

8. Jim Gaffigan
Also a parent, his comedy is pretty hilarious. Comparing parenting to drowning is fairly accurate.

9. Kathy Griffin
She is fabulous. Her shameless behavior and general disregard for celebrity bullshit is simply fantastic. Plus her mom is adorable.

10. Margaret Cho
Also fabulous. I love the way she incorporates her culture into her comedy. Plus she’s so awesome, Skankin’ Pickle wrote a song about her! For that reason alone, she gets two clips šŸ‘


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