imageWords are powerful.

They have the ability to make people happy, sad, angry, hurt, entertained and a myriad of other emotions.

We, as humans, have a tendency to throw words around without much thought. A prime example of this is the mega overuse of LOL. Even I am guilty of this one. I can honestly say that a majority of the time when I say LOL, I’m not LOLing. Not in the slightest. It’s just a filler for not having anything more creative to say. I’m not a clown, laughing out loud at every situation. And neither are the bajillions of people that overuse this phrase.

We use words to communicate our needs and feelings. Littlest is testing the waters with this now. Every day he says a new word or two and is learning the power of his words. That when he says something, others respond. Typically with over excitement because he’s saying words! I don’t think I’ll ever tire of hearing him speak. We’ve been waiting so long to hear his little voice, it melts my heart every time. Although, while we are bragging here, I could do without the requests for fruit snacks seventeen times a day. That’s a factual number by the way. 😉

We use words when we are angry. Colorful words. Four letter words. These are kind of my favorite, to be honest. Not because I intend to hurt anyone, but because a nice “fuck” or “shit” really emphasizes an angry situation. Especially when driving a car, injuring yourself or just dealing with something anger inducing. Golly gee just doesn’t suffice.

Perhaps the most important words we use are those used to express love. Love is something that everyone needs to feel. From friends, family and significant others. Telling someone you love them, hearing from someone that they love you…that is the best thing on earth. I tell the people I love that I love them all the time. Because if for some reason my time comes up, I don’t want for a second for those important to me to wonder. Life is short and not guaranteed. Spreading the love to those around you is much more important than spreading hate and negativity.

Remember the power of your words. Words can bring a smile to someone’s face, can start a revolution, can make you sad and can give you encouragement. Words can lift people up and tear them down. Use the power of your words for good. If everyone did this, imagine the possibilities.


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