Childhood > Adulthood

imageThere are many pros and cons to adulthood. When we are young, we can’t wait to be an adult. But once the novelty of adulthood wears off, being a kid again sounds pretty amazing.

When we are kids we focus on the “fun” parts of adulthood. Doing whatever we want, eating whatever we want, drinking alcohol, no bedtimes. Then, the harsh reality sinks in that doing whatever you want, costs a lot of money. Oh and eating whatever you want? Makes you fat. Drinking alcohol is all fun and games until you’re puking and dehydrated. And bedtimes are actually phenomenal. As an adult you never get enough sleep. You actually want to go to bed! And stay there!

Kids today are the epitome of first world problems. My kids are miffed when I request that they put clothes on. Or if I ask them to throw their trash away. They act as if I’ve asked them to perform an animal sacrifice. Chill dude…I just don’t want trash around my house or for you to answer the door in your underwear.

They are always fast and loose with my money. I’ve explained that the money has to go to important things first, like rent and groceries. Boring? Perhaps. But necessary. So as much as I’d love to drop $100 to take you to the water park, it’s just not in the cards. My bad.

Last weekend, we bought a new car. It’s a super exciting time, because for the last year, we’ve had to share a car. And that is hard with two working parents and three kids. And when school starts again, all three kids will be in different schools, so another car was necessary.

On a side note, school starts in six weeks and six days. But who’s counting? #thisgirl

Buying a car is stressful. And expensive. And now we have a car payment. And our insurance is higher. So while it’s exciting, it’s also not exciting. Adulthood man, it’s a bitch.

I remember when I moved out on my own at eighteen. I was newly married and so happy to have my own place and do whatever I wanted. I remember calling my mother to inform her I was eating chips on my couch because I was an adult dammit and could do what I want. Looking back, that’s ridiculous but at the time, I felt like a badass.

That was fourteen years ago. I was a baby then. Not the mature (ha!) adult I am today. I had no kids, gray hair or a fraction of the responsibility I do today. And I got my kicks eating chips on the couch. Ahh, it was a simple time.

Now I have to focus on other things. I’m not going to lie, I still eat chips on my couch. But I don’t get the same rush from it that I did back then. I have to focus on my kids and their needs. Taking care of the house and the bills and the groceries. Working, cleaning, errands. Doctor appointments, autism evaluations and vet appointments. Making sure everyone is taken care of and have what they need. Never getting enough sleep. Never really doing whatever I want, because I don’t have time.

So when I hear my kids say “I can’t wait to be a grown up” I just laugh.

Yes you can, tiny human. Trust me!

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