Momma’s Top Ten – Music Edition

In the spirit of mixing things up, I’m going to start a Top Ten blog theme, where I’ll share ten of my favorite things with you. I figure if David Letterman can do it, why can’t I?

This edition of Top Ten, I’ll feature ten of my all time favorite songs. It was difficult to come up with only ten, but I had to find the courage to do so. My children only allow me so much time to write this stuff!

The other day, my boss asked me what my favorite driving song was, which sparked up an interesting conversation, which led to the inspiration for this list. #thanksjason 

Anyway, here we go!

1. Bad Habit – The Offspring
This is the best angry song ever. If you’re really pissed off, this song just perfectly fits your mood. Between the drums, guitar and curse words…it’s perfect!

2. Don’t You Want Me – Human League
One of my all time favorite eighties songs. A little conceited perhaps, but still a great jam.

3. Only The Good Die Young – Billy Joel
So this song is awesome and great on road trips. But while it’s awesome, if you really listen to the lyrics, it’s kind of effed up. He’s telling Virginia to cast aside her Catholic values and give up her cookies because it’s good to be bad. Cause hey, only the good die young, apparently. Way to be a creeper, Billy.

4. Everlong – Foo Fighters
Specifically the acoustic version. Omg it’s just a perfect song. #rightinthefeels

5. A Boy Named Sue – Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash is one of my all time favorite musicians. But this song specifically is hilarious because who names a boy Sue?! Oldest loved this song as a baby. It would actually put him to sleep believe it or not. Thanks, Johnny!

6. Domino – Lilygreen and Maguire
This is a cover of the Jessie J song, but I like it so much better! These Welsh dudes have amazing voices and the acoustic spin they put on this song is on point.

7. Alabama Song – The Doors
For some reason, this song makes me think of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. But it’s always been one of my favorite Doors songs.

8. Fernando – ABBA
First of all, ABBA is one of the greatest groups of all time. It is impossible to listen to their music and NOT be in a good mood. But Fernando, is my most favorite. Waterloo is a close second.

9. Here Comes Your Man – The Pixies
This song always makes me smile, because the day my husband returned from his deployment, our local radio station played this in honor of his ship’s return. So whenever I hear it, it reminds me of the day my man returned from the war. šŸ˜Š

10. My Friend Peter – Alkaline Trio
This is the very first song by Alkaline Trio I ever heard. The song that caused the band to be one of my favorites. It reminds me of being sixteen and without all of the responsibility and adulthood weighing on me. A much simpler time. And the fact that I’ve been on a crusade to make a friend name Peter for seventeen years now and still haven’t. #alsorightinthefeels


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