Kids these days…

imageRecently I discovered that children are the most dramatic people on earth.

For example, Middle got in trouble the other day for back talking. He lost television privileges for the day. His response to this was: “this is the worst day of my life!”


Now in his defense, he’s barely been alive for ten years. So I guess he hasn’t had too many terrible days for comparison.

I’ve tried to teach my kids that they live a privileged existence and therefore need to appreciate how great they have it. Sure, there are kids out there that have more than they do. But there are also kids who have much less. And the “worst day of their life” is not having food to eat or a bed to sleep in.

Kids today have so much and they take it all for granted. Is it our fault as parents? Is it society’s fault? Or like everything else, is it the president’s fault? #thanksobama

I think it’s a combination of things (minus Obama,I was kidding about that) that make our kids this way. And it needs to change! The kids of today are the adults of tomorrow and the last thing we need is a bunch of adults running the world that are spoiled and have unrealistic expectations. #orisittoolate

I think back on the worst days of my life. I’ve had a few. The day I had a miscarriage. The day(s) my grandparent(s) died. The day middle swallowed a pushpin and was in the hospital and almost needed surgery. The day(s) autism entered my life. The day I had to make the gut wrenching choice to put our puppy, Sprocket to sleep and holding him as he died. Those were horrible days and are forever etched in my memory as horrible days.

But here’s the the thing about horrible days. They keep us humble. Life isn’t perfect and is full of good and bad. And while sometimes the horrible things seem so unfair, it makes us appreciate the good things. And it gives us new perspective.

For example, when each of my kids were diagnosed with autism, I thought that was the end for them. That their lives were over. I count it as a horrible day, because at the time, it was. But now, through education, experience and time, I feel differently. I wish my kids didn’t have to struggle the way that they do. But I appreciate their struggle so much more. And the fact that they try hard every day to do their best. They all have their quirks and issues, but it’s what makes them unique and wonderful.

The kids of today need to realize that life is full of good and bad. There will be times of excitement and times of disappointment. That is life. What’s most important is how you handle it and how you learn from it.


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