California vs. Florida

image.jpegYesterday afternoon we went to the beach. It was a yellow flag day, so nothing too crazy wave wise. It was hot as balls and I was attacked by a grasshopper before we even hit the sand.


Anyway, while I was watching the littles jump around in the ocean, I started thinking about California. Then I started mentally comparing California and Florida. And then…this blog post was born. The mind is a curious thing isn’t it?

California vs Florida…which is better?

1. Beaches
California beaches are better. I do prefer the sand in Florida, it’s softer in a way. Although it’s still sand and still gets EVERYWHERE. But the Atlantic Ocean is warm. Like bath water warm. And there is nothing refreshing about that when it’s over 100 degrees. I like the cold Pacific Ocean much better.

2. Food
California wins again. So many choices, such better quality. Plus Inn n’out. Nothing compares to that. Oh and the Mexican food is outstanding.

3. Weather
You guessed it. California wins again. No humidity. Well, they sometimes have their version of humidity but it ain’t shit compared to Florida humidity. Ugh summers are brutal.

4. Housing
Florida wins! So much more affordable here, renting or otherwise. You get much more for your money.

5. Jobs
This is a tie. See the jobs don’t pay as much here as they do in California. But, the cost of living is much lower. I think most of us would like to keep the low cost of living but get paid higher wages, right?? Ha!

6. Education
California hands down. Schools are better, especially when dealing with IEP’s and special needs. No state testing either. Man I miss it!

7. Special needs services
California again. They have nothing that even slightly compares here in Florida. It’s very disappointing.

8. People
People are people as they say. And there are annoying ones everywhere. But they are much nicer in Florida. Perhaps it’s a southern thing, but pretty much everyone you meet is friendly. California, not so much.

9. Driving
Florida is better, but not by much. There isn’t as much traffic here, but we do have a fair amount of shitty drivers. Gas is also cheaper here so that’s amazing. The dmv is also a lot faster and less stressful in Florida. Although, the dmv fees are higher.

10. Miscellaneous
California doesn’t have hurricanes or tornados like Florida does, but they do have earthquakes. So that’s a toss up of which bullshit you’d rather deal with. Avocados are also wicked expensive in Florida and Florida avocados look mutated. Watching sports in Florida sucks too, because of the time zone. For example, some games don’t start here until 10:00pm, because they are west coast games. And I’m sorry but I’m much too tired to deal with that nonsense.

I think the bottom line here is that California will always win in my book. It’s my home and no matter where I live, it will always be my home. Florida has been where I live now for about five years and I’ve grown accustomed to it. And seriously, you get used to sweating your ass off six months out of the year. Or as I’ve recently learned, southern women don’t sweat, the glisten.

But let’s be real here. I could never be a southern woman. I’m not always nice, I hate sweet tea, I suck at being domestic and I say fuck a lot. So yeah, I’m sweaty.

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