Excuse me while I grab my soap box – WTF edition

imageSo after waking up to the news of yet more gun violence, I felt compelled to dust off my soap box. Grab some coffee (or maybe something stronger) and hold on!

Wtf is going on in this country? There is so much hate and violence just running rampant through the streets. Cops getting shot. Innocent people getting shot. Victim blaming. Bullshit rationalization for shooting people. Not to mention Trump, Hillary, the FBI…omg stahp!

First, I’d like to address law enforcement. These men and women put their lives on the line every day to keep their communities safe. That’s not to say that “dirty cops” don’t exist, because they do. And anyone who uses their status as a police officer to break the law and hurt other people does not earn the respect of a law enforcement officer. But just because there are some bad apples within the police departments around the country, does not mean that ALL cops are bad. Imagine leaving the house for work each day, unsure of whether or not you’ll make it home at the end of your shift. As a waitress, that’s not something I worry about each day. These brave men and women deserve to be respected.

That being said, there are some bad cops out there. That use excessive force and shoot now and ask questions later and don’t follow the law. That try to circumvent the law for personal gain. THAT is not ok. How do you differentiate between the two? I don’t know. I suppose I have blind faith when it comes to law enforcement. I was raised to always be respectful of them. I’ve had encounters with the police both as a law breaker and as a victim and each encounter I’ve had, the police did their jobs well. They were helpful, supportive and made me feel safe. Could of done without the traffic ticket but hey, I did deserve it.

Ok on to the racism card. I’m a white woman, so maybe I have no business putting my two cents in about this. But I’m going to anyway. Regardless of our skin color, religious affiliation or sexual orientation, we are all people and we ALL matter. And that’s how it should be viewed. Not BLACK LIVES MATTER or WHITE LIVES MATTER. But ALL LIVES MATTER. What happened to Alton Sterling was very sad. It’s alleged that he attacked the cops and that they used excessive force to stop him. His family claims that he would’ve never done that. The media is pointing out that he has a criminal history and painting him to be a criminal who deserved what he got. But you know what? It’s his history. It’s not his present. Plenty of people make mistakes in life and those that do and find a way to turn their life around, I have mad respect for them. I don’t know this man, I wasn’t there at the scene of the crime. I don’t know what truly happened. I’d like to think that the cops didn’t use excessive force on a man trying to sell CDs peacefully. But I don’t know. None of us do. The media though, these people are shameless. The way they twist words and facts should really be criminal. And honestly, should have no hand in sharing news when they are clearly biased one way or another.

Lastly, Hillary. Omg I’m so tired of hearing about this woman’s emails. So. Very. Tired. I’m not defending her, don’t get it twisted. But I feel like the media is just beating this story to death. So the FBI recommended that no charges be filed against her and the prosecution agreed and declined to file charges. According to everything I’ve seen, read and heard, she’s guilty. There is proof she’s guilty. She broke the law. People died. So why is she not being held responsible? Is it because she’s the democratic nominee? Is it because she was a senator? Former First Lady? Who knows? If she’s truly guilty of the crimes she’s been accused of, she should have to answer to that. That’s just another example of circumventing the law for personal gain. And remember, she’s a lawyer first. She knows these things. But it’s not up to the American people to make this decision. And those that were in charge of making the decision, declined to do anything. Perhaps it’s unfair, but there is not much we can do about it. And my biggest concern, is that we are going to see an outpouring of violence because of this. And I’m sorry my friends, but America does not need anymore violence.

It is my prediction, that Donald Trump is going to win the presidential election. I am not a Trump supporter, I personally think he’s an obnoxious, arrogant, disrespectful Oompa Loompa. I don’t think he’s going to “make America great again” or any of the other things he’s promised. However, I don’t think Hillary will be able to survive the campaign with the backlash from all of these events. I do believe that I will see a female president in my lifetime. I just don’t think it’s going to be her. But what do I know? I’m just a mom with an opinion.

Remember that politicians are like sales people. They combat each other to make the best sales pitch to reel us in. They step up to those shiny podiums and they promise change and lower taxes and better healthcare and a magical solution to all the country’s problems. Well look at it from another angle. If it were that simple, it probably would’ve been done already. It’s really easy to stand there and boast about how YOU would handle things if you were president. But until you ARE the president, you don’t know what the hell you’re dealing with. It’s easier said than done. I would love for our country to change. I would love for the hate to stop and for the economy to strengthen and for more jobs to be available. I would love for my child to get the therapy he needs through our insurance. I would love for the school system to wise up and throw common core out the window. But again, if these things were so easy to fix, I feel like it would’ve been fixed already.

In closing lovelies, we need to stop the hate. Remember that all lives matter and stop giving the media the satisfaction of reporting biased news.

**drops mic
**climbs off soapbox


4 thoughts on “Excuse me while I grab my soap box – WTF edition

  1. Well said from you soap box~ I join you in your mom disgust, angst, sadness and disappointment! Best line that says it all….” I’m just a mom with an opinion.” Peace to you and everyone. -A

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  2. Wow! You’re so much braver than I am. It’s like you read my mind, but to write about it? Sad, eh? All lives do matter. I really think the media is the devil – they just won’t shut up! Stirring up dissension whenever they get a chance. I just need to turn off the news…PERMANENTLY! LOL

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    1. Lol idk about that Lisa, I don’t often view myself as brave! But I feel like much of the perspective we get from the media is biased and our voices matter too! And yes, I highly recommend turning off the news. It’s a major downer these days. Where are the waterskiing squirrels? We need THAT kind of news 😉

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