Momma’s Top Ten – TV Edition

In the spirit of mixing things up, I’m going to start a Top Ten blog theme, where I’ll share ten of my favorite things with you. I figure if David Letterman can do it, why can’t I?

In this edition, I’ll share with you my top ten all time favorite TV shows. And I’ll have you know that only one of them is animated! #winning

Here we go!

1. Scandal
This show is awesome! I’m a big fan of all the “shonda shows” but this one is my absolute favorites. It’s got just the right mix of sex, politics, violence and suspense. If you’ve never seen it, all five seasons are on Netflix. You’re welcome šŸ˜‰

2. True Blood
I’m a huge fan of the book series by Charlaine Harris. I read the entire series in record time because I fell in love with it. The show is also fantastic, although ventured far from the books after awhile. Lots of blood and gore though, so brace yourself. #andalsoshapeshifters

3. Friends
You can’t not like this show. It was so good. The characters, the setting, their antics…it all meshed so well. I was sad when it ended but will occasionally catch reruns on Nick at Nite. On a side note, remember when Nick at Nite showed old shows like I Love Lucy and Welcome Back Kotter? Now it’s Friends and How I Met Your Mother. Wtf??

4. Archer
My animated pick. I absolutely love this show. It’s hilarious and very entertaining. Also available on Netflix if you’d like to check it out. It’s a great series to binge watch if you’re into that sort of thing. And who isn’t? And just so you know, Pam is the best. Cheryl is a close second.

5. Parenthood
I was so incredibly sad when this show ended. This one hit me right in the feels every week. Featuring a family with a child on the autism spectrum, they really showcased a lot of the issues families go through quite well. Oh and this one is also on Netflix…make sure you have tissues handy.

6. Will and Grace
This show was very controversial when it first started as it featured openly gay characters. It was incredibly funny and well written and even though it’s called Will and Grace, it should have been Jack and Karen because they were the best characters. I’ve often said Karen Walker is my spirit animal.

7. Saturday Night Live
I’ve been a fan of this show since I was about twelve. Over the last ten years or so it’s been hit or miss. But the nineties had the best cast. Back when it was Adam Sandler, David Spade, Will Ferrell, Chris Farley, Mike Myers…they were epically entertaining. Nowadays they have Kate McKinnon though and she is hysterical.

8. Game of Thrones
I have to admit, it took me awhile to like this show. My husband watched it and I tried but had a hard time getting through the first episode. But I tried again a few years later and fell in love. It is so well done and so easy to get wrapped up in. I highly recommend it. Plus…there are fucking dragons! Oh and Peter Dinklage. His character is one of my favorites. #holdmeclosertinylannister

9. Grey’s Anatomy
Another Shonda show, the original gangster. I love this show, even though she took McDreamy away. In my opinion, it’s the best medical drama since ER.

10. Law and Order Special Victims Unit
I saved the best for last. This is my all time favorite. I’ve seen every episode at least once. I thought I’d never get over it when Detective Stabler left but it actually got better in a way. Sure, they deal with unpleasant topics like rape and child abuse. But if you can get past that, it’s actually pretty good. #twothumbsup


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