Vehicular mishaps and 9-1-1: A cautionary tale

imageToday started out with a bit too much excitement. My coffee hadn’t even fully kicked in yet!

Oldest, Middle, my mom and I were dropping off Littlest at school. We were sitting in the turn lane, waiting for cars to pass so that we could turn into the school. There were a steady stream of cars coming and some jackass that was waiting to turn out of the school parking lot just decided to go, even though it was in no way safe to do so. When he did this, he plowed into another car, right in front of us. So close in fact that the woman who was hit was only about a foot away from hitting us!


Nobody was injured, thankfully. Other drivers had stopped and got out of their cars to check on the people involved and I called 911.

I honestly have never had to call 911 before. Which I view as a blessing. But I dialed, a dispatcher answered and asked what my emergency was. I explained the situation and the location and she informed me she had to transfer me to another department. I found this incredibly odd, but again, I’ve never done this before. It took TWO MINUTES for someone to pick up the call. They asked what happened, the location and if anyone was hurt. They took my name and phone number down and said they would get someone out there right away.

At this point, I pull into the school parking lot and we all walk Littlest into his class. We were in there for a bit and when we walked out, the police were just showing up. The whole process took ten minutes. I’m sorry, but that seems a bit long. The police station is probably a mile away. When they asked if anyone was hurt, I said not to my knowledge. Which in my opinion, means it’s a possibility and the call should be handled with some sense of urgency.

This whole situation was upsetting. I’ve been in two very bad car accidents in my life, so I get very shaken up as it is. The man who caused the accident, not sure what happened there. Was he not paying attention? Was he thinking he’s more important and has shit to do? I have no clue. And then the cops took a life and a day to show up…I don’t know the whole thing just doesn’t sit well with me. And how is it that 911 places people on hold? If it was a place on hold situation, I wouldn’t have dialed 911 in the first place. Plus, I told them no one was injured to my knowledge. They could have been and the police taking so long to respond could’ve had serious consequences.

Don’t mistake my horror, I am a supporter of the police and I’m in no way trying to put them down. I just don’t understand their actions in this situation.

Lovelies, please drive safely out there. Take your time, pay attention. Put the phone down. Remember you’d rather be late than dead.


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