Haters gonna hate

imageDo you ever get tired of dealing with other people’s bullshit? I sure do.

Let me specify…

Walking on metaphorical eggshells because heaven forbid you offend someone. Some people can’t handle stressful situations, so they act like asshats. Some people choose to be the problem, rather than the solution. We can’t all get along, because that would be too mainstream I guess.

I don’t know what motivates people to be assholes. But it’s exhausting to deal with!

It is my personal opinion, that the easily offended need to go to their own island where no one is offensive and their feelings can remain in tact. The island shall be called “Heads up their asses” island and it will be full of sunshine, rainbows and unicorns.

I’m not saying that we should all walk around yelling and rampaging and bullying others. But if someone is in a bad mood, good for them. They should keep it to themselves. If someone doesn’t like something, they should avoid it and then problem solved. The whole world shouldn’t have to conform just because of one individual. You feel me?

Emotions are powerful. Have you ever been in a great mood, then been around someone in a shitty mood and it rubbed off on you and then you were in a shitty mood? That’s so not cool. It’s like shitty mood through osmosis. #sciencebitch

We all get depressed, angry, sad, frustrated, stressed etc and that’s ok. I’ve seen Inside Out, I understand. But that doesn’t mean it’s ok to inflict your moods on others. Or to let it run your life. You can make the choice to spread your nastiness around or to shove it down deep inside and keep it to yourself.

And for the record, I’m not talking about clinical depression or mental illness. Those things are serious disorders and can’t always be helped. Although, if you suffer from a problem like this, you should definitely seek professional help. I’ve seen therapists off and on most of my life and I take anxiety medication. There is no shame in it, no matter what Tom Cruise tries to tell you!

I urge the citizens of the world to choose happiness and positivity instead of shitiness and negativity. Don’t be offended by every little thing. Don’t let stress ruin you. Learn to enjoy the little things and smile. When life throws you lemons, throw those bitches right back.

And if you’re offended by this post, keep reading it until you get the point. 😉


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