We all have a family, in one way or another. Some members of our family are blood, some aren’t. The one common denominator is that family, can really be a pain in the ass.

The important thing to remember is that your family will always be there for you. Friends and lovers may come and go, but your family will always be there. They might drive you nuts and make you wish they weren’t, but when shit hits the fan, they are there to yank you out of the line of fire.

It’s important to remember these things when you are frustrated with your family. When they make unnecessary, hurtful comments. When they criticize you or conveniently rewrite history. When they put you in unfair positions or try to take your happiness away. Remember the good during the bad. #justkeepswimming

I’ve had moments in my life where I haven’t spoken to certain members of my family. It didn’t feel good. It didn’t make things easier. It was actually quite sad.

I’ve had moments in my life where I’ve made decisions I wasn’t particularly proud of. Choices that weren’t the right ones. But I’ve accepted that I’m human and we all make mistakes. I’ve tried my best to learn from them and have just recently realized that those events helped mold me into who I am today. Even though others like to talk about my downfalls behind my back or be even more tactless and throw it in my face, I smile. I smile because there is nothing I can do about it. I could get angry and tell them to fuck off, but then I’d be tactless! And I don’t want to stoop to their level. #riseabove

The bottom line is, that life is too short to be an asshole. We all need to learn to let things go and be supportive of one another instead of putting people down to try and raise ourselves up. This doesn’t just go for families, this goes for the human race. We all need to be the good we hope to see in the world. We also need to learn to let the toxic people in our lives go. If those that are toxic end up all alone, perhaps they will realize it and choose to be different. We can’t change people, we can only change how we deal with them.


2 thoughts on “Family

  1. The worst is when you hear about family’s life events through Facebook. I struggle with that one a lot. But you’re right…they’re family. That’s why it makes it so hard.

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