The Five Senses of Employment

imageSince we can’t all be trust fund babies, we have to work, right? It sucks, believe me. I’ve asked my parents several times where my trust fund is but I’m just met with maniacal laughter. #thanksguys

Here are the five senses of employment:

1. Sight
Pulling up to your job and just looking at the door can bring forth feelings of dread. You might even sit in the car a little longer than usual just to stall because dammit you just don’t want to go.

2. Hear
You hear many things you don’t want to. Requests for things. That one annoying coworker who always wants to talk to you. The sound of the clock ticking way too slowly. Sigh.

3. Taste
That bitter taste is regret. Regret that you ever had to work in the first place. Oh and if you’re like me and you work in a restaurant, it’s your mouth watering as you deliver delicious food to your customers and you can’t eat because you’re too busy. Here’s a tip, don’t go to work hungry. You’ll regret it immediately.

4. Smell
Smell that? That’s the smell of desperation. It might be that you’re desperate to make money. It might be that you’re desperate to get the hell out of there. Either way, it’s stinky.

5. Touch
You might have to check your pulse every now and again to make sure you’re still breathing. Or you may be wiping sweat from your brow because your workplace is a sauna, as in my case.

We are all grown ups and have bills to pay so we have put our big girl (or boy) panties on and deal with it. But that doesn’t mean we have to like it. And until the money fairy magically shows up or we are lucky enough to finally get that winning lottery ticket, we have to do it.

So here’s to you, workers of the world. May your day be full of money and not be suckish! #goals

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