Pokemon NO

imageSo I’m probably going to get a lot of shit for this but true to form, I’m going to do it anyway.

Wtf is the big deal with Pokemon Go?

I was never an original Pokemon fan, so I just don’t understand the fascination. I was in junior high when the first Pokemon hit and far to into teenage bullshit to really care. But I swear to god I see grown ass people running around chasing imaginary anime creatures and I just don’t get it!

The other day I was in the worst place on earth, otherwise known as Walmart, when a teenage girl ran into my cart because she was nose deep in her phone trying to catch one of these little buggers. Didn’t say a word, just kept on truckin’.

I’ve never been into anything so intensely, except maybe tv shows so I just can’t relate. I don’t typically judge people for their vices and interests. I’m a very “to each their own” kinda chick. But seriously? Pokemon?

I will say this. It’s getting people out and about. It’s bringing families together. So props for that. But I simply just can’t wrap my head around it. I officially feel old. Which I guess I shouldn’t, since there are people older than me playing it.

Sigh. Sorry Pikachu, it’s a Pokemon NO for me. #seewhatididthere


12 thoughts on “Pokemon NO

      1. Hahahaha! It is stupid! My friends play it too and they were talking about it in a group text (these are my friends without kids, clearly) and I chewed them out to start a new group text because after the 123rd text about Damn pokestops I lost it!

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      2. That’s hilarious! My husband is 36 and doesn’t do social media either. I pretty much do it for blogging purposes and occasional rants lol

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      3. I’m a server and I was training someone once and they asked me why our computers we put orders in had hashtags. It was at that point I feared for the future lol

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