Testing makes me Testy

imageAny special needs parent knows the pain of extensive doctors appointments, therapy appointments and evaluations. The waiting, the paperwork, the copayments. With three kids on the spectrum I’m honestly surprised I don’t have carpel tunnel.

I’m currently sitting in the waiting room of a doctors office with Oldest and Littlest. Middle is currently undergoing an evaluation that can take up to four hours. We’ve been here for two and it’s not going well.

Littlest wants to go places he’s not allowed to go and since he’s non verbal, he’s screaming. The tablet, snacks and juice I brought aren’t cutting it. The toys and books they have here in the waiting room, they aren’t enough either. If it weren’t for a tv in here showing the Bubble Guppies, he would’ve flipped total shit by now.

Oldest is playing with jenga blocks and knocking them down which is annoying but it’s keeping him busy so whatevs.

I don’t have a babysitter for situations like this and I hate it. I can’t give Middle the attention he deserves and my eye is twitching from dealing with Oldest and Littlest and insufficient coffee intake.

I want to make sure my kids have up to date evaluations so that they are getting the most that they can at school and whatever supports may or may not be necessary. But the process of all of this is so crazy. I’ve basically been doing this for ten years. Evaluations and waiting rooms and mountains of paperwork. Hearing about my child’s insufficiencies and hearing that they can’t do things. Or that they need more. Oh and insurance doesn’t cover that, btw. It’s cool though, cause you’ve got a few thousand dollars a month to spare right???

Sigh. The struggle is too real.

Well the receptionist is motioning to me I probably get to fill out more paperwork. Score! #momminainteasy


6 thoughts on “Testing makes me Testy

  1. Oh, the paperwork! The paperwork alone will kill you. And the Jenga….. why do they always have the loudest, most annoying toys in the Doctor/Dentist offices? Yes you are happy they are occupied but the noise, over and over again makes you wants to run out of the office screaming!

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      1. Thank you! Right back atcha! I miss the regional center, we belonged to the one in San Diego. It is such a wonderful, helpful organization and I wish they had them nationwide!

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