Twenty Questions

imageI feel like every kids favorite game is twenty questions. It doesn’t matter if you want to play or not. They have a million questions…about all kinds of things…at pretty much all times.

For those of you who are currently childless, just remember that. #themoreyouknow

My kids are always wanting to know things. What’s for dinner? Where are we going next Tuesday? Where do babies come from? Yeah, that’s the actual progression. It can go from minor to major in a matter of seconds.

The latest quiz party has been brought on by a trip we are taking in about a month. My mom is getting married and my stepdad is turning sixty so we are having a big family reunion/wedding reception/birthday celebration weekend. It’s going to be great and we are all looking forward to it.

My mom and my stepdad have been together for a long time. Since before my kids were born. They have always known him and consider him to be a grandfather. And he’s a great one! Although, he has a tendency to buy them too many remote control cars…😉

But the blended family thing is throwing them through a loop. They knew that they weren’t married before, but now that they are getting married, they don’t know what to think. Do we call him grandpa? Will our other grandpas be mad? Are his kids our aunt and uncles now?

Oh kids…

I’ve explained that his role isn’t really changing. He will be legally married to grandma now, but will still be the same guy who likes to play with them and watch YouTube videos. His kids will officially be a part of our family now, which is cool because more family never hurt anyone.

My husband and I both have divorced parents. We have eight siblings between the two of us and two step dads and one step mom. I will now officially have three step siblings. But it’s cool. We are all family. One giant, blended, dysfunctional family!

Unfortunately, my kids haven’t had as much extended family exposure as I would’ve liked them to have. Some of its logistics, some of its laziness, some of it is just good old fashioned family dysfunction. So when they are presented with new situations, they are somewhat analytical about it. #autismproblems

I explained to them that they are blessed to have such a large extended family. Lots of grandparents, aunts, uncles and the like. Labels aren’t important. Some of my friends are like family to us, even though they aren’t blood relatives. Family is what you make of it. And at the end of the day, we all just want to be surrounded by people we love and that love us.

This explanation seems to have shut them up for the time being. But we have a month until the trip, so I’m sure there will be many more rounds of twenty questions.

And this my friends, is why coffee (and wine) exist!

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