I am woman, hear me roar

I got a wild hair yesterday and decided to build a table.

Yes, you read that correctly.

I own very few tools and have never built anything before, aside from iKea furniture. Which has brought forth more injuries, curse word usage and potential divorce than I care to admit.

So naturally, I decided that I’m seasoned enough to build a fucking table from scratch.

I went to Home Depot with kids in tow and perused the lumber section. I bought a piece of wood that was 2ft x 6ft, some table legs, some brackets and some paint. What could go wrong?

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of myself. *insert pat on the back here*

It was pretty easy. I painted everything, it dried relatively fast and then I assembled it all. My biggest mistake was doing it outside because it’s the end of July in Florida and let’s just say I was incredibly hot and sweaty. But I probably lost a couple pounds in sweat so that my friends, is called silver lining.

Anyway, here is the end result. I don’t think any furniture makers will be knocking down my door to hire me, but for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, I think it’s pretty awesome. And every time I look at it I’ll know that I made it!


Check me out…being all handy and shit! Oh and please excuse my dirty floor. That’s on the agenda for tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “I am woman, hear me roar

  1. It’s awesome! You should be proud of yourself! I have 4 dining room chairs to glue back together (they’re really old) and I’ve been putting it off for fear of screwing it up! LOL

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