People are people

imagePeople are interesting creatures.

We all have our individual beliefs, habits and methods of doing things. Which is good, because that’s what makes us individuals.

But sometimes, people do things that really annoy me. Or don’t make sense to me. We all know people like that, right? There’s always that one annoying coworker that you wish would just get a different job already. Or the nosy neighbor. Or the annoying family member.

That being said, we can all be annoying at times. It just depends on your personality and how much you let what others do affect you.

I try not to let other people’s actions affect me. But sometimes it’s not that simple. Some people are just really fucking annoying.

Here’s an example and what actually inspired this post.

School starts in less that two weeks and we haven’t received teacher assignments yet. Ordinarily, the school mails out a post card with your students name and the name of their teacher. So I called the school to find out what was up. The woman I spoke to on the phone doesn’t normally work at the school, so she doesn’t know much. Not her fault though. I ask about the teacher assignments and she informs me that the office manager who normally handles that is on vacation until Monday. So we won’t get them until the Friday before school starts.

Ok, so she’s on vacation. Super. Is she the only one who can do this?

None of the students have been placed into classes yet because she’s on vacation. I feel like this is kind of important, since the teachers also need to know how many kids will be in their classes so they can also be prepared. If the principal or other administrative staff knew that the chosen lady was going to be gone, shouldn’t they have planned accordingly and just handled it?

This makes no sense to me. Like at all. And guess what? This annoys me to no end.

I have no choice in the matter, so it is what it is. But I have an anxious nine year old questioning me daily about who is teacher is going to be.

Perhaps I should let him hang out at school and question them. That might get the ball rolling!

People are people, as Depeche Mode put it. But that doesn’t make them less annoying.


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