Excuse me while I grab my soapbox – pay it forward edition

imageI’m climbing on soapbox once again but this time, I’m not mad!

I know…I’m as shocked as you are.

I came across a very touching news story that brought tears to my eyes and I wanted to share it with you all.

A single mother and her four kids were stranded at the grocery store after her car battery died. It was pouring rain and her kids were crying and she asked multiple people for a jump and no one would even acknowledge her. #assholes

After two hours, a kind man approached her vehicle with food for her and her kids. He had called a tow truck for her and his wife came to take her and her children home. If that weren’t enough, a mechanic showed up at her home the next day and repaired her truck, all at this kind strangers expense.

This mom was in a bad way and this man and his wife helped her when she needed it most. Not expecting anything in return, just to be kind to someone in need.

The world needs more people like this. These are the type of stories we should be reading about in the news, not shootings and hate and the like.

These people have inspired me, and I hope you, to pay some kindness forward. It doesn’t have to be with money. It can be with a gesture or a kind act towards another human being. Don’t do it for the praise or with the expectation of getting something in return. Do it for the feeling of knowing you helped someone and brought joy to their day. Sometimes even the smallest gesture can mean so much.

To read the full story, click here.

*drops mic
*climbs off soapbox


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