Back to School

imageOne week from today, the kids go back to school.

*insert happy dance here*

But with the most wonderful time of the year upon us, comes stress and bullshit because well, doesn’t everything?

Back to school shopping is expensive and causes a massive eye twitch. All of a sudden none of your kids clothes or shoes fit them or like Middle’s school, they decide three weeks before school starts that the kids should wear uniforms. Great!

Thankfully between my natural deal finding skills and Florida’s tax free shopping weekend, I was able to get everyone what they needed at a great deal.

The school supply lists are the real pain in the ass though.

Littlest was the easiest. He is only going to school three hours a day and the only thing I have to provide for him is Skittles, because that’s his reinforcer. Done and done.

The other two though…holy hell they needed a ton of stuff. And it’s not the same as it was back in the day. Now the parents are supplying the school. Used to be we needed to have things for our kid and that was it. But now we are providing soap and paper and dry erase markers in addition to everything else. It’s not the schools fault, it’s the governments fault.

Here’s a tip for all you government officials out there. When making budget cuts, education should not be one of them. These teachers work for peanuts and supply a lot of the things they need for their classes out of their own pockets. They are helping to mold the children of today into the adults of the future. Stop taking things away from them!! BTW, that goes for healthcare too. #endrant

Anyway, we are all done with the shopping and ready for a new school year. This is their last week of summer vacation and come next week they will be back in the school grind.

I’ve written a lot this summer about how I couldn’t wait for summer to be over and how I was counting down to the first day of school. While all of that is completely true, I must say that summer break went by pretty fast for the most part. But I’m glad because my sanity stockpile is dwindling.

Happy Back to School to all you parents out there! Enjoy whatever short lived peace it may bring you!


One thought on “Back to School

  1. School supplies..ugh! I save them from year to year, because they NEVER use them up. This year I don’t need pencils, highlighters, pens, folders…they all came back home at the end of the year. We still have a couple weeks left. I might not make it!

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