imageBrace yourselves lovelies…Momma is about to get all philosophical on your ass!

I was woken up by my husband at o’dark thirty this morning because he can’t seem to get ready for work without sounding like he’s building a house. #wifeproblems

Half asleep I came downstairs, mixed up my magic coffee potion and came out to my porch to assume my normal morning position. It was pitch black out because much to my dismay, I was up before the sun.

Being groggy and drinking my delicious coffee got me thinking about life and how twisted it is. How the average American works their ass off and barely scrapes by. How our lives our controlled by the almighty dollar. Sure we love our family and friends and what have you. But we are all hamsters on a wheel, chasing money to pay for material bullshit.

Do I know how to wake up or what?

It’s not as though I live in a vast mansion and have a domestic staff and a Bugatti. I live in an average house, with average things. But every day, my husband and I go to work to make money to pay for these average things. And things like food, gas and cell phone bills. We work hard to get by. And most of the people I know are in the same boat. And to be honest, it sucks.

Don’t get it twisted, I believe in hard work and earning a living. But that’s just it…we work hard to earn a living in place of living a life. My life consists of work, caring for my family and writing this blog. Sure, I go to a movie on occasion or hit up trivia night at a local bar but honestly, I can count the times I go out in a year on one hand. That’s not much considering we are dealing with 365 days.

I would love to spend more time exploring the world and doing fun things. But unfortunately that’s just not in the cards. Because I have to work. And clean things.

Money is a cruel mistress. We all like having it, but it’s not as easy to get as it is to lose. Like payday is really great for that hour that all the money is in my account. But then I pay bills and go grocery shopping and POOF it’s gone.

Life is expensive these days. Groceries, gas, rent, insurance, cell phones…it all adds up. And as frugal as you might be, the money just seems to disappear.

The state of this country is scary right now. The economy has been in shambles for years and those of us that are employed are very lucky.

But imagine for a moment that greed didn’t exist. From individuals to corporations to the government. Imagine that we could live in a world where we didn’t have to work so hard just to scrape by. That is an image I wish would become a reality.

But until then, I’ll just be over here drinking my coffee before the sun comes up and mentally preparing myself for all the bullshit I have to deal with today.

Am I living the dream or a nightmare? It’s hard to tell sometimes. I’m not really a pessimist or an optimist, I’m more of a realist. It’s a little of both, really. But coffee helps.


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