Back to school

imageThe time has come!

Tomorrow is the first day of school. My sixth and fourth grader start their brand new school year. Littlest’s school decided to start Wednesday, just to make things extra complicated. #momproblems

Oldest and Middle are looking forward to starting school, although I know they are both a bit nervous. Certain aspects of school don’t come easy to them and it definitely causes them some anxiety.

This past Friday we went to both of their schools for orientation. Middle’s was a piece of cake, as we have been at that school for five years. We knew what to expect and found out he has the same fourth grade teacher that Oldest had so all in all, it was pretty easy.

Oldest’s was a little more daunting, as it’s a new school and it’s gianormous. We got his locker assignment and he opened it after only two tries, which I found fairly impressive. We met all of his teachers, including his aide for the year and when we left he felt very confident. I’m very proud of him because five years ago, embarking on a new journey like this would’ve sent him into a major panic attack. But he’s handling the changes well and it’s just another sign that he’s growing up and maturing. I’m feeling many emotions about my eldest child growing up but right now, I’m sticking with pride.

I often joke about my kids and how they annoy the shit out of me. While that is a true statement, I do love them so very much and I’m so proud of how far they’ve come.

All three of my littles are embarking on a new journey this school year. There are new obstacles for them all but I’m confident that they will kick ass and overcome them by leaps and bounds!

As for me, once Littlest is in school I will get a whopping two hours to myself every day. I could use this time to exercise, run errands or be productive but I’m not especially good at those things so we will see what happens.

One tradition I’m looking forward to is the first day of school mimosas. That is the best way to ring in the school year for Momma.

Happy Back to School lovelies! May it be peaceful, without issues and may your mimosa cup runneth over!


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