First world problems

imageAmericans are the epitome of first world problems. In the grand scheme of things, when you look at the world, we have it pretty good. While there are those that suffer here, just like anywhere else, Americans as a whole bitch and moan about the most ridiculous things. I’m not pointing fingers, I’m guilty of it too. Here are some examples of my first world problems:

1. I left my cell phone charger downstairs and it’s too far to go get it.
2. I asked for regular coke and they gave me diet.
3. My bottled water is room temperature and I want it to be cold.
4. My shower gets too hot.
5. I just got comfy on the couch and realized the remote is across the room.
6. I have too many small bills in my wallet and it won’t close. #serverproblems
7. I have too many kcups and nowhere to put them.
8. When I got up this morning there wasn’t any water in the keurig and I had to refill it.
9. I bought so many groceries that I had to use two shopping carts.
10. My kids are both watching Netflix on their phones so I can’t watch it on my tablet.
11. The power went out and now I have to reset all my clocks.
12. I forgot to put my clothes in the dryer and now I have to rewash them.
13. The automatic feature on the gas pump didn’t work and I had to hold it down the whole time I was pumping gas.
14. I ran out of dishwasher tabs and had to wash my dishes by hand like an Amish person.

Ok so just writing these down makes me hate myself.

But these are true things that I complain about. There are people in the world that don’t have water, but I complain about the temperature of my bottled water.

Trust me, I’m disgusted with myself.

The truth is though, that we all do it. We take our privileges for granted. And I don’t think we do it intentionally, we are just spoiled individuals. Spoiled as in ruined.

We could all use a serving of humble pie every now and again. Even though I wish I had more money, more time and more help, I am a very blessed person. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, clothes on my back and a family to love. There are many souls in this world who don’t have those things.

On a side note, Netflix only allowing two people to view at once is pretty bullshit. For my $8.99 a month we should all be allowed to watch at once! #justsaying


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